This was our itinerary

Aug 2  Fly to Boulder

Aug 3-4  Training Peaks Conference

Aug 5  Day off in Boulder

Aug 6  Fly to Las Vegas

Aug 7-8  Las Vegas

Aug 9  Drive to Mammoth lakes

Aug 10  Drive to Yosemite

Aug 11  Yosemite

Aug 12  Drive to San Francisco

Aug 13  San Francisco

Aug 14  Drive to Monterrey

Aug 15  Drive to San Luis Obispo

Aug 16  Drive to Los Angeles

Aug 17  Los Angeles

Aug 18  Fly to New York

Aug 19  New York

Aug 20  Fly home


This is a once in a lifetime road trip with 6 friends. Lots of driving (1200 miles), changing venue every 1-3 days, packing in the sights on our days off driving, and not much opportunity to train.

What did I manage?

Boulder – we swam 2k in the lake and managed a 2-hour steady ride with a friend

Las Vegas – 1 x 30’ wts session + 20’ bike intervals and 1 x 30’ interval run session on the treadmill + lots of walking

Mammoth Lakes – beautiful 50-minute run at 2400m (never run at altitude before…it’s hard work). I don’t usually run before breakfast in the morning or at altitude!!

Yosemite – 30-minute pre-breakfast run at 1600m. This felt more comfortable.

San Francisco – 2-hour leisurely ride across Golden Gate Bridge to Sausolito and back + 30 min bike intervals + 1 x 30’ wts

San Luis Obispo – 60-minute run in the hills before dinner. Legs felt strong. Running well!

Los Angeles 1 x 30’ wts session

New York – 1 x 60-minute run in Central Park

So, as you can see, not much training. Virtually no swimming in 2 weeks, and a small amount of biking. On the plus side, I have run every 3 days and that’s probably been my salvation. I should be refreshed and ready to hit the final 8 weeks very hard. Hopefully I have managed to maintain or even lose a bit of weight by only eating twice per day. I have Lanzarote 70.3 on Sept 2. If I was like a lot of triathletes I’d be panicking now that I’d lost loads of fitness during my break. Instead, I’m approaching this race with enthusiasm and excitement and I’m keen to see if fitness really does drop that quickly, or whether the rest will have been of benefit.


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