Two weeks ago we published episode 200 of the High Performance Human podcast. I thought it would be fun to look back at those conversations and see if I could pick out some key lessons. As you would imagine when you speak with smart people, each of them at the top of the tree in their chosen field, there were a lot of lessons but some kept appearing in my list.

In today’s solo podcast, I’ll outline the 5 lessons and dive a bit deeper, highlighting some of the guests who talk about their importance.

The 5 lessons are

  • Keep it simple
  • Find what works for you
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome
  • Pull the big levers
  • We are all on a continuum

One more thing that I have come to realise is this. The 200+ podcasts have been a tremendous source of knowledge and learning from a wide variety of people. In time I’ll try to disseminate more of these lessons, but for now, please enjoy this podcast and possibly reflect upon how you can or already do apply each of these 5 to everything that you do.

You’ll be amazed how the approach to a complex life or sport like triathlon can be made remarkably simple.

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During this episode I reference a large number of previous podcasts. Each of them is listed below under the key lesson. However, if you do take time to listen again you may find that the podcast in question has lessons that fall into each of the other categories.

Keep it simple

Bernie Shrosbree on why tech does his head in

Stephen Seiler – Hierarchy of Training Needs – Just train

Shane Benzie (The Lost Art of Running) – to run better, just move better

Marc Bubbs (peak & peak40) – getting the basics right

Adam Feit (Precision Nutrition) – Simple truths about nutrition

Mike James (The Endurance Physio) – sexy sells but boring is best

Steve Cotter on Kettlebell training and basic lifts

Dan Plews – top 3 tips for AG athletes keeping training simple

Find what works for you

Tommy Wood – if it’s working, why change?

Mark Allen – meditation, spiritual side of training/racing, not following the high carb diet fashionable in ’80’s endurance sports

Toby Baxendale – making a success of life when you are labelled educationally sub normal

Sanjay Rawal (Run & Become) – running as a conversation. Between mind, body spirit

Christie Aschwanden (Good to go. How to eat sleep & test like a champ) – recovery

Brad Kearns (Primal Endurance, Primal Blueprint) on ignoring trad periodisation models and working into your own lifestyle – Part 1 & Part 2

Focus on the process, not the outcome

Malcolm Brown – enjoy the process of running. No distractions

Being the best that you can be – Mandy Hickson (Officer not a Gentleman)

Kelly Starrett (Becoming a Supple Leopard) – daily movement practice. Don’t worry about what type of movement (pilates, yoga etc.), just do something. Get up, don’t sit down for too long.

Cath Bishop (The Long Win) – Mastering the process. Being the best that you can be

Pull the big levers

Louisa Holmes Part 1 & Part 2 – staying uninjured

Ali Rose  – staying uninjured

Nick Littlehales – sleep  

Mike Lombardi (Whoop) – sleep & behaviour change

Gut Function –  Bella Lindemann

Dave Scott  – Strength training for athletes

Jess Elliott – Move better to build resilience

Karlyn Pipes – mobility for swimming 

We are all on a continuum

Mimi Anderson – ultra running. Just keep moving forward.

Laz Lake – Barkley Marathons, Big Dog’s backyard Ultra

BBC article on Big Dogs Backyard Ultra

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